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Making the Difference - Kyriacos

“I get great satisfaction from my work because I’m able to apply my skills and be efficient across many projects.”

Kyriacos joined the Selby Trust in July 2011 after achieving great results in A levels for Art and IT for Business. As an incredibly efficient individual volunteering at Selby during the week, he enjoys using microsoft excel and often goes out of his way to keep our databases up to date and organised across a number of important projects.

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Of Greek Cypriot descent, Kyriacos was born in Tottenham and lives locally. Last year he played a key part in the Haringey Digital Switchover Campaign supported by the Selby Trust, reaching more than 1500 people over a period of 4 months. He’s also a keen artist - and while he’s shy about it, he’s clearly very talented, enjoying painting landscapes and tigers. It doesn’t end there as he also loves to cycle and is busy advancing his computer skills with a new laptop. When he has the chance, he enjoys canoeing at the Tottenham Marshes and has also volunteered at Barnet College library, as well as gardening and community projects locally.

Referred to the Selby Trust by on-site organisation Equals Training, Kyriacos has overcome challenges by volunteering, gaining more confidence and refining his expertise.

“I’ve changed a-lot in the last few years, enjoying work and becoming more confident around people, working as part of a team.” 

With his experience of administration and IT for business, he has continued to advance his knowledge using the Salesforce Cloud Computing system which is at the heart of our functioning as an organisation.

Keen to find paid work in administration or database management, Kyriacos’ journey at the Selby Centre is a success story shared by many of our volunteers and work placements.

As we continue to grow in 2013, we are constantly looking for ways to reward those who are such an important part of our work and find ways to create jobs with local people and organisations who lie at the heart of our motto ‘Many Cultures, One Community’.

The Selby Trust was registered as a charity in 1992 by local people who recognised the need for a multi-purpose centre led by the community and third sector organisations. Many staff are local individuals who have given their time to make the Selby Centre a vibrant and inclusive space for everyone.

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