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Making the Difference: Terry

"The Selby Centre was a lifeline when I was looking for work, and now I'm part of the team and proud of some big achievements"

Young Achiever of the Year runner-up, Terry is a local White Hart Lane resident who joined the staff team at the Selby Centre after joining the Future Jobs Fund in 2010. As a Green-Hub Officer, he has grown into the role by coaching volunteers and now looks after the wood yard - helping run our Wood Works Wonders Project. At 24yrs old, he was unemployed for six months, revealing that it "Really drained my confidence".

The project is directly responsible for reclaiming and recylcling more than 80 tonnes of wood that would otherwise be dumped in landfills each year, re-using it to produce garden furniture, fencing, picnic tables and more. With the mantra of the 3R's - "Reclaim, Retrain and Reuse",  volunteering is a key part of the process.

"We often give people a chance to learn traditional Carpentry skills, finding many skillful people locally amonst those who may be unemployed, working part time, have retired, ex-offenders or getting through rough times"

The diversity of the skills involved, cultures and interesting characters is what makes the Selby Centre unique.

"The experiences I've had here are great not just for work but are giving back to the community to improve Tottenham's environment."

Terry is currently helping with the eco-build at the Meadow Orchard Project and a vital part of the regeneration of the Selby Centre, helping us excel as a Green Hub. He says that "Now I want to train other people – adults and young people. More people need the opportunities that Selby has given me.”

 “I started in Wood Recycling and realise now that I am part of the effort to make Selby a Green Hub. It’s a bigger agenda - Working at the Selby Centre on Wood Works Wonders has been a lifeline to me"

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