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Making the Difference: Veronica

"He didn't have a project idea but had always been interested in art and helping young people."

Community Organiser for Locality in Tottenham, Veronica has worked closely with the Selby Centre to listen to local people and create a lasting impact in our area over the last twelve months. Graduating at the end of last month she tells us about her experience and the people she met.

Helping one resident realise his ambition to use art to inspire others, he went on to say that: 

“I remember not being very involved in the community. [Now] I felt that someone was genuinely interested about my concerns and could help with me getting more involved”

Interested in volunteering as a way to get know the people in his local area, Veronica helped the young man to begin thinking about ways in which he could benefit the community, befriending another resident reached by the programme who held yearly street parties nearby. With support from Veronica, he attended community meetings where he was popular due to his interest in making a difference.

Since then, he has started an Anime fan club for all ages that share his passion  - using art as a way of bringing people together. Having more contact with local people, he was concerned about there being enough information about activities happening in the local area and free things for low income families to do together - He is now planning visits to conventions and a regular meet up for anime lovers.

For more on the Community Organisers programme check out our partners Locality here, or read about the great work by the St. Giles Trust. You can also follow our facebook page for everything else, including events and regular updates on our impact and more stories from the people that are making it happen.

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