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Northumberland Park Partnership Board Grants Awarded To Community

The Selby Trust has been appointed to administer, monitor and evaluate grant funds provided by the Northumberland Park Partnership board (NPPB)The fund initiatives are aimed at  empowering residents and partners to connect with opportunities to improve their lives. To support this, they have a total of £210,000 available from two funding programs. £180,000 available from the Department for Culture and Local Government Transformation Award Grant and £30,000 from Well Communities.Different organisations have applied for projects that range from Large grants of £10,000 to £40,000 per project, Small Grants that range from £500 to £5000 per project and Seedling Grants for individuals working with a voluntary organisation that range between £1000-£5000.Residents took part in a 'Dragon's Den' style voting day (pictured) to decide what projects would get some of the funding. The Selby Trust would like to thank all of the projects that applied and congratulate those who were successful.   

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