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Photography Course For Children Starting At Selby Centre In New Year

We are pleased to announce that Poppin' Pix will be commencing a photography course for children (6-11 years old) at the Selby Centre from January 2016.The course will run every:

  • Thursday afterschool from 4:30pm (starting on 7th January 2016) or

  • Saturday afternoons from 1pm (starting on 9th January 2016).

Prices are £6 per a session with a 50% discount for a sibling.For more information, please contact Ebru on

  • Tel: 07545 374 896

  • Email: 

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Roma Padun
Roma Padun

I'm delighted to hear about the upcoming Photography Course for children at the Selby Centre starting in the New Year. It's an excellent opportunity for youngsters to explore their creative side and develop new skills. With the world becoming increasingly visual, photography is a valuable skill for children to acquire.All4KidsOnline's involvement in organizing such courses is commendable, given their expertise in children's products. This initiative showcases their commitment to holistic child development.



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