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Selby Centre features as a stop on Euro 2020 Trophy tour!

Since we were confirmed to feature as a stop on the Euro 2020 Trophy tour, our goal has been to inspire the young in our local community into Sport.

Last week (Friday 4 June), the trophy visited Tottenham, where it stopped off at the Selby Centre.

Because of the latest COVID-19 restrictions, the trophy tour at the Selby Centre was by invitations only, and we invited those who participated in our Selby Active members, the local community, and those who have a passion for the sport locally.

The iconic trophy has embarked on its journey to visit all 11 host cities and some of the worlds most acknowledged sites, including the Colosseum in Rome.

This was a great opportunity for our specially invited guests to a chance to get up close and personal with the Henri Delaunay Cup!

The event also allowed the invited guests to engage with the Euro 2020 Mascot and Football freestylers.

Paul Butler, Selby Trust CEO said, ‘’It was great to see so many local young people both being part of and celebrating such an important sports event, bringing hope and excitement at a time when young people have been disengaged from active sports’’

Gary, head of VolleyFirst and chair of the London Volleyball Association said ''It was fantastic to have the Euro Trophy on view at The Selby Centre. It was a great opportunity for so many young people to be inspired to play, follow and support sport.''

Enes, who was invited to the tour and a member of Selby Active said ‘’I can’t believe we could see the trophy (Cristiano) Ronaldo and the other players got to lift at the last games! It was so cool! I think France will win this time.’’

We would like to say thank you to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Heart Production who helped facilitate the Trophy Tour at the Selby Centre!

We are also thankful for the continued support from Haringey Council and Sport England.

The Tournament kicks off on Friday (11th June) with Turkey vs Italy.

For any queries regarding sports, please contact our Sports Development Officer Lucy Matthews at

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