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Selby Centre, Garden opportunity

This Autumn at the Selby Centre, we will be transforming the area around our Pavilion building, to a secondary Global Garden.


As part of this project, we require volunteers to support in the landscaping, maintainance and planting activities in the garden over at least the coming months. If interested, please email our Community Engagement Manager Everlyn, with your availability and how you best wish to support this project.


We are looking for donations of plants, seeds and garden equipment for the project. If you are able to donate, please reach out to our Community Engagement Manager Everlyn,

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The Selby Centre's garden opportunity presents a unique chance to cultivate community spirit and sustainability, much like the traditions surrounding Argentinian BBQ and Argentine Asado. This initiative not only promises to green urban spaces but also to foster a sense of togetherness and cultural exchange, reminiscent of the communal experience of gathering around an Argentine grill. By integrating the concept of an Argentine Asado, where the grill becomes a focal point for sharing stories, laughter, and food, the Selby Centre can transform its garden into more than just a place for cultivation. It can become a vibrant social hub, where the community comes together to enjoy the fruits of their labor, celebrate diverse culinary traditions, and perhaps even organize Argentinian…


The Selby Centre Garden initiative is truly commendable, providing a unique opportunity for community engagement and growth. As gardens thrive and evolve, managing them effectively becomes pivotal. The mention of gardening brought to mind how 'pest control scheduling software' has revolutionized the way professionals in that sector manage their work. Such innovations could be invaluable in ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of community gardens like the one at Selby Centre. Embracing both traditional gardening techniques and modern tools can lead to an enriching experience for all involved.

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