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Selby Trust awarded National Lottery Funding for grassroot activities benefiting the community

The Selby Trust have been awarded £364,573 of National Lottery Funding covering the next 3 years.

The funding aims to provide change, through strengthening resilience and introducing ways for flexible working, relationship building, and increasing community participation seamlessly.

There are three core focus areas that funding will be used for are – these are enhancing digital literacy and skills, tackling food poverty, and upskilling staff and volunteers

Accredited digital training courses that will be offered will allow individuals aim to better their digital literacy and enhance confidence.

This will help to enable individuals to be adaptable and flexible with the digital communication and platforms thus embedding digital literacy in wider services that are offered at the Selby Centre.

The funding will also be used to ensure Credit Union and other local, regional and national experts delivering face to face introductory training sessions to beneficiaries in promoting money saving and debt management.

This service will be tailored to vulnerable individuals and families with poverty, unemployment, homelessness, or eligible for benefits, as well as attendees of Selby food hub and other vulnerable individuals from BAME and excluded groups.

Furthermore, Credit Union and other local, regional and national experts will signpost to other organisations based at Selby Centre will have an opportunity to outreach to participants, providing basic advice and training on various health, wellbeing, educational services.

This will enable a natural/organic synergy and networking among different activities and services under one roof.

Paul Butler, Selby Trust CEO:

‘’We are extremely pleased with the award of our grant, which will enable us to provide key services, for local people during a period when cost of living increases is impacting severely on the communities we serve.’’
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