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Selby Trust Hosts Hustings For 2015 General Election

Earlier today the Selby Centre was packed with over 200 local residents who were given the opportunity to quiz the candidates standing for Tottenham in the General Election. 

Candidates from Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberal Democrats, TUSC and UKIP (listed alphabetically) were asked questions around affordable housing, the living wage, apprenticeships, their policies for women, immigration, cuts, services for people with disabilities and foriegn policy. 

It was a fantastically organised event and very well attended. It gave me a good opportunity to listen to the candidates and get to understand their perspectives. The stalls before hand were a fantastic idea as it gave me an opportunity to have a conversation with the different parties. I am what they call a 'swing voter' and found this event invaluable to our community-Sharon, N15

Thank you to the Selby Trust for organising this event at the amazing Selby Centre. I had been to a hustings in the neighbouring constituency and it was not nearly as well organised as this. It was really important for Tottenham to have this opportunity to question their candidates especially with everything that has happend.-Mahesh, N17 

I found the event extremely useful, you can read leaflets but nothing beats actual human interaction. I found some of the candidates totally different in real life and the event gave me something to think about. It has to be said, the event was very well marketed, the organisation was flawless and the stalls prior to the event really showed the Selby Trust had thought deeply about the need for the wider community to be engaged. Charles, N8

Thank you to the Selby team for organising an amazing event at a fantastic venue or as one Tweeter put it, you did Tottenham proud. It was very professional and the crowd were very engaged and passionate - just how politics should be. You should be very proud of what you achieved. Can't wait until 2020 for another Selby Hustings.-Dom, N17.

Our CEO said:

Thank you to the 6 candidates who participated to ensure that the residents of Tottenham had an opportunity to find out more. The event was a great success and it was fantastic to see so many people within the community involved and engaged. There is a lot of talk about apathy, especially in areas like Tottenham, however we saw that people are very interested in what happens in their community. - Sona Mahtani 

Thank you to Cylde Williams of ShoNet systems for chairing the event and all of the residents who engaged with the event to make it a success and Photographer Joe Culleton for the amazing photographs

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