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The Selby Food Hub is now a Safe Space

We are so pleased to announce that we are in partnership with Haringey Council as part of the Coordinated Community Response to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) across the borough.

VAWG includes violence that is targeted at women or girls because of gender or affects women and girls disproportionately, with examples of this type of violence being sexual violence, stalking and domestic abuse.

The Coordinated Community Response sets out a 10-year ambition (2016-2026) by Haringey Council for addressing and preventing violence against women and girls in Haringey.

As part of the pilot, the Selby Centre Food Hub has been identified as a Safe Space. From Thursday 25 March, under the pilot we will see volunteers at the Selby Centre Food Hub become fully trained to deliver support as we become a fully certified safe space for our community.

The vision over the next 10 years is for Haringey to become one of the safest boroughs in London for women and girls in which no form of abuse is tolerated.

As a VAWG Community Champion, our Food Hub volunteers have been trained to identify signs of domestic abuse, safely responding to any disclosure made, and know the steps to take to ensure that person gets any specialist support they may require.

The pilot is aimed at helping victims of VAWG, including victims of domestic abuse who have been forced to isolate with perpetrators during the lockdown, safe in the knowledge that they will be supported.

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased in accordance with the government road-map, the Selby Food Hub will continue to operate on Tuesdays (2pm – 4pm), and Thursdays (4.30pm – 6.30pm) to offer practical support during times of hardship.

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