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Tribute To Denise Marshall

We at the Selby Trust are extremely sad to hear that Denise Marshall, local councillor for Noel Park in Haringey, and Chief Executive of Eaves, a feminist charity, has passed away after a short but fierce battle with cancer.

The Selby Trust had the privilege of having Denise as a trustee, albeit briefly in 2012-2013. Her life and approach to embodied our motto, "Many Cultures, One Community". She did much in her personal and professional life to promote and deliver on improving lives and challenging inequality in practice. She was a fearless campaigner, a spirited critic of government cuts, returning her OBE in protest at ‘austerity’, with much passion, energy, compassion and sheer presence.

Amongst many things, Denise transformed work with women trafficked into prostitution by putting in place ground breaking programmes such as (the Poppy Project); a peer befriending scheme for sexual violence survivors (the Amina scheme) and a London-wide training programme that educates voluntary sector personnel in assisting women out of prostitution.

Society, here in Haringey, the UK and globally will be much the poorer without her. Our condolences to her partner, Lisa, staff at Eaves and her many, many friends and all the women whose lives she touched.

For more information about Denise, please click here.

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