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Film & photoshoots
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About films and photoshoots

The Selby Centre is based in a former secondary school turned community centre in the heart of north Tottenham. It boasts a range of great indoor and outdoor spaces to film or photograph in. 

The centre has space that is flexible and a great opportunity for:

- Music videos

- Adverts

- Films

- Photo shoots

The Selby Centre has a wide range of spaces including classrooms, a sports hall, a large car-park (suitable for trucks), an onsite cafe and outdoor spaces including our Global Garden. 

Some of our previous clients include:

- Sixteen Films (Ken Loach)

- White Oak Films

- Evening Standard (Skepta Photoshoot)

Pricing and booking info

Prices of photography and filming at the Selby Centre depend on the use. Please email if you require any further information. 

Please note that the Selby Centre is a working real-life community centre and is not suitable for large productions which require weeks of filming. 

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