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Employee and Team Engagement Workshop round-up

In the Employee and Team Engagement workshop, Peter Hammond, Chartered FCIPD, addressed the importance of effective team dynamics and engagement for SMEs.

Key topics covered included:

Teams, Groups, and Individuals:

  • Distinction between a work team and a group of people at work

  • Origins of teamwork and the importance of common goals

Team Dynamics:

  • Identifying signs of a non-functional team and barriers to effective teamwork

  • Understanding team roles such as Directive Leader, Collaborative Leader, Doer, Thinker, Challenger, and Supporter

Enhancing Team Performance:

  • Getting to know team roles and balancing the team for optimal performance

  • Techniques for starting a team

  • Involving team members in goal setting and maintaining clear communication

Communication and Trust:

  • Overcoming communication barriers and developing trust

  • Critical principles like delegating, supporting, and motivating instil pride and create enjoyment at work

Engagement and Motivation:

  • Significance of employee engagement on productivity and creativity

  • Strategies for empowering teams include training, participation in decision-making, and feedback

  • Addressing workplace negativity by promoting positive behaviour and providing constructive feedback

The workshop emphasised the pivotal role of effective leadership actions in inspiring trust and energy within the team. It highlighted the importance of aligning individual values and visions with those of the organisation, making leaders feel responsible and influential in shaping team dynamics.

For more information visit our business to business support page, or to sign up for the next workshop visit our Eventbrite booking page.

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