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Selby Community Enterprise Programme Launches as Contracts Signed with Delivery Partners

The Selby Trust has now begun implementing its 18-month Selby Community Enterprise Programme after signing contracts with delivery partners Kingston University and Locality UK. The initiative is funded by the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund.

With contracts signed, curriculum development is now underway between the Selby Trust and its partners. The first participant workshops and training sessions will commence in late 2023.

The programme aims to increase sustainability and resilience of at least 100 small charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises and community projects across London, particularly those that work in the communities surrounding the Selby Centre in Tottenham. Through workshops, coaching, mentoring and small grants, it will build capacity in areas like financial management, digital skills, governance, fundraising and stakeholder engagement.

Participants will also have the opportunity to collaborate on community benefit projects that serve local needs. The goal is to help these organisations become more resilient, make a greater impact and provide essential community services.

"Now that contracts are signed, we are eager to finalise curriculum and launch the first sessions," said Jack Skinner, Development Manager at the Selby Trust. "This will be a milestone in our efforts to help build capacity across the area”.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund seeks to build pride in place and increase life chances by investing in communities, businesses and skills development.

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