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Selby Trust awarded the Social Enterprise Mark

The Selby Trust is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Social Enterprise Mark as a result of our tireless dedication to improving the community and our fast growing Green Hub, incubating on site enterprises Wood Works Wonders and the Community Energy Lab alongside development of the Selby Global Garden.

The Social Enterprise Mark is the official mark of genuine social enterprises, having society and the environment at the heart of the business. It helps establish social enterprise as the business of choice for everyone, acting as a guarantee that the organisation is benefiting people and the planet with your money.

This means that we are able to demonstrate to supporters and donors that we are part of a growing network of leaders in social impact; providing support, green initiatives and training in the community that addresses key needs but is also delivered in a very effective way – and always in partnership with local people.

It means that we care about what we do, so you can feel even better about getting involved in our initiatives and community events.

Even better, it means that we can continue to act as a platform for succesful on-site organisations like 5E who are managing the Work Programme as well as investing in local jobs training, Equals Training and BME Carers who are hard at work reaching and supporting the BAME and Disabled Individuals access equal opportunities and a better recognition.

We’re joining other ethical businesses that have been recognised by being awarded the Mark such as the Age UK Enterprises, The Eden Project, Big Issue and more locally at Supamums Support Services and the Community Network.       


It is estimated that Social Enterprise Government data estimates that there are 62,000 social enterprises across the UK, contributing £24 billion to the economy and employing around 800,000 people. 

You can find out more about the Social Enterprise Mark and what it means here.

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