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Workshop round up: Introduction to sales

On Friday 28 June, Sandra Murphy led a workshop titled "Introduction to Sales."


This workshop focused on understanding and addressing perceived challenges in sales. The session began with participants sharing their sales experiences and insights into their businesses, setting the stage for an interactive and engaging discussion.

Sandra incorporated real-world examples from attendees' businesses, making the session highly relevant and practical. Key topics covered included:

  • The nature of selling.

  • Debunking myths about great salespeople.

  • Essential elements of successful sales.

  • Understanding client motivation.

  • Buyer behaviour.

  • Differentiating products/services from competitors.

Participants also conducted a business analysis to identify potential risks and opportunities, enhancing the workshop's content's applicability.


Sandra emphasized that effective selling is about solving problems and adding value for clients rather than high-pressure tactics. Building trust, understanding client needs, and providing excellent post-sales support were highlighted as critical to successful sales. The workshop also explored strategies for differentiating products/services, such as defining a unique selling proposition and offering an exceptional customer experience.

Overall, the workshop provided valuable insights and actionable strategies for improving sales performance tailored to the specific contexts of the participants' businesses.

For those interested in future workshops, please visit our business to business support webpage.

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