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Online workshops as Selby Community Enterprise Programme continues!

Last week, Selby Trust ran two online workshops for start-ups and small to medium size enterprises as part of the Selby Community Enterprise Project. The programme hosts enterprise workshops in partnership with Kingston University Business School, that aim to provide business enterprises with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in a competitive market.

Both workshops were delivered by Roya Croudance, senior Director across the SME and Corporate sectors, Non-Executive Director, coach, and mentor who has worked with 400+ SMEs across the sector to develop strategies and tailor business plans to increase profits and access funding streams.

The first workshop, titled "Strategy and Growth," for small and medium enterprises, allowed participants to develop a clear vision and strategy for sustainable business growth and improved resilience. Roya provided practical, business tools for strategic planning and implementing growth. Participants were also encouraged to adopt new and improved business practices to set objectives and create a roadmap for their journey towards scaling up.

We received some positive feedback after the session, with attendees praising the presenter and organiser for effectively imparting business strategy and growth. Some of the comments we received were, "The presentation was great," and "The session was very informative."

The second workshop, this time for start-ups, "Developing a Value Proposition" delved into the art and science of constructing a unique value proposition setting businesses apart. Start-ups in attendance were able to learn how to identify their target audience's needs, differentiating their offering to stand out amongst competitors, and articulate their value proposition with clarity and conviction.

Few participants gave their feedback regarding the training programme. One of them said, "The training was interactive and had appropriate breaks. The content was of high quality, and it will be applicable not only for the start of the business but also for the long run."

Another participant added, "The value proposition was perfectly described for beginners of business or entrepreneurs."

The programme runs until mid-July, covering a range of business topics, including marketing strategies, financial planning, customer engagement, AI tools, digital transformation, raising finance, bid writing, and much more.

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