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Round up: paid media workshop

This workshop comprehensively introduced paid media, focusing on various advertising channels' fundamentals and practical applications. Participants gained valuable insights into creating, managing, and optimizing paid media campaigns.

Key Highlights

  • Understanding Paid Media: Participants learned about the significance and effectiveness of digital advertising, including the distinction between paid, owned, and earned media.

  • Types of Paid Media: The workshop covered various types of paid media, such as search engine advertising (e.g., Google Ads), social media advertising (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ads), display advertising, video advertising, and native advertising.

  • Creating Effective Paid Media Campaigns: Techniques for setting campaign objectives and KPIs, audience targeting and segmentation, crafting compelling ad copy and visuals, and budgeting and bid strategies were discussed.

  • Basics of Digital Marketing Planning: Participants explored strategies for awareness (e.g., social advertising, display advertising), acquisition (e.g., organic search rankings, paid search), and retention (e.g., CRM transactional emails, long-term content strategy).

  • Advertising Platforms and Trends: The workshop detailed various advertising platforms like Google and Bing, their targeting capabilities, and emerging trends such as the importance of first-party data and the rise of retail media and connected TV.

Whether participants were new to paid media or looking to enhance their existing knowledge, this workshop equipped them with the tools and strategies needed to succeed in digital advertising.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this workshop successful.

If you haven't yet, sign-up to upcoming workshops on the business to business support webpage.

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