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Selby Community Enterprise Programme workshops gets off to a successful start!

The Selby Community Enterprise Programme ran two successful workshops this week at Selby Centre, helping to empower start-up and small and medium enterprises in attendance.

These workshops are the first in a series that we’re delivering in partnership with Kingston University following large Government Grant we received to provide business to business support to organisations across North London and beyond.

The first workshop which was dedicated to start-ups, was led by Anna Paolillo, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and Course Director of MSc in Business and Occupational Psychology at Kingston University. The workshop, ‘’Are you an entrepreneur’’ focused on drilling into the definition of entrepreneurship, examining its various facets and what truly constitutes the essence of an entrepreneur.

One of the attendees on the workshop noted: it was valuable just to talk through the business and get advice from a professional.

Another also said: Brilliant presentation, well organised and easy to comprehend.

The second workshop of the week, tailored to SMEs, was led by Dr. Bahare Afrahi, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Kingston University, who presented "Know Yourself, Know Your Business". This session focused on the latest insights into the psychology behind entrepreneurship, demonstrating hands-on strategies to empower business growth and sustainability.

Dr. Afrahi's engaging workshop was able to equip participants with tools to better understand drive and motivation. Attendees worked through exercises designed to link psychological insights to practical business planning, fostering a powerful sense of clarity about their business visions and objectives.

One workshop participant noted several benefits, including ‘Thinking about my “passion”, listening to feedback and networking.’

Our workshops continue after the Easter weekend, and will continue to run for both SMEs and Start-ups over the course of Spring 2024. If you’re interested in registering, please check out our Selby Community Enterprise Support page.

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The Selby Community Enterprise Programme's workshops have launched with remarkable success, embodying the same spirit of connectivity and inclusivity that platforms like Chatrandom champion with their LGBTQ video chat rooms. Just as Chatrandom facilitates effortless communication across the globe, allowing thousands to connect instantly through free webcams and video chats, the Selby programme has managed to bring together diverse individuals with a common goal: to foster entrepreneurship and innovation within the community. This initiative stands out not just for its educational value but for creating a supportive space where aspiring entrepreneurs can learn, grow, and network. The success of these workshops signals a significant step forward in community-driven economic development, leveraging the power of collective knowledge and resources. Much like…

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