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Global Garden


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Global Garden is a community Garden at the Selby Centre using existing land, where our local community will use the space to learn to grow their own produce, and to support local bio-diversity. 

Project description

In the spirit of our own motto; Many Cultures –  One Community;  The Global Garden is a vibrant, multi-cultural space where members of our local community, of whom over 50% are from BAME communities – can share how to cook new dishes and develop key enterprise skills,whilst keeping Tottenham healthy and fit. The space also makes use of previously dissued grounds at the Selby Centre to benefit our local community.

Project outcome

Not only will the Global Garden benefit our local community, but the garden supports and encourages a more biodiverse environment, meaning that it’s a happy place for bees and other insects to live! This helps to ensure that the plants are pollinated, meaning plenty of veg for everyone, and also play a part in helping the environment!


Find out more about the project

To find out more about Global Garden, the volunteering opportunities at the garden, what we're currently growing and more, discovr out Global Garden Landing page for more info!

Project gallery


Find out more about Global Garden!

If you haven't already, make sure to visit our sub-section on Global Garden where you can find out more about the project, the opportunities available, and what we're currently growing in the garden.

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