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The New Austerity and the Big Society

In partnership with New Economics Foundation, we are holding a series of events that help deal with the impact of the cuts by developing community-led solutions.

Information for participants

What is the research about?

This research project is about finding out how people in Tottenham are experiencing and coping with government cuts to local services and welfare, and what people can do together in their area to make things better.

Why is it being conducted? We are conducting this research project because we believe that it is important to understand and highlight the effects that the cuts are having on people’s lives and because we are committed to helping communities find ways of making life better, in spite of the cuts.

Who is it being conducted by and for?

The research is being conducted by the new economics foundation, a think and do tank that is committed to building a new economy based on social justice, environmental sustainability and well-being for all. We are being funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, an independent charity that work to reduce poverty in Birmingham, and the City Bridge Foundation, a grant funder supporting charities in London. In London, we are working in partnership with the Selby Trust, as a local community hub with connections with many diverse communities and grass roots groups in the area.

What will happen to the results?

The research results will be published in a report, in short videos and on an interactive website. Anyone who is interested in the project will have access to the findings and they will be made available online to download or browse free of charge.

Thank you for your time and for helping us with this project.

The first of these events was on 16th May at the Selby Centre. Please find slides attached for download from the website

Future events in this series will be on:

1. Coproduction, peer support and time banking (4th July provisionally)

2. Social Return on Investment and Wellbeing (September)

3. Local enterprise coaching (September/October)

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