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Ready4Success Entrepreneurial Programme

Moussa Sylla, community organiser at the Selby Trust, in partnership with Black Training Enterprise Group have started a pilot for their new project, ‘Ready4Success’, a community led sustainable social enterprise that is built upon and led by community engagement and empowerment.‘Ready4Success’ delivers an innovative mix of support of preparing participants to apply for relevant jobs that match their skills and experience, whilst building their soft skills such as confidence, motivation and self-worth. Throughout the programme we encourage space for entrepreneurial thinking to spark thoughts of self-sufficiency and resilience.An interactive learning approach guides participants through five practical zones: ‘You, The Brand, Money, Dealing with People, The Sell. These zones are designed to encourage the participants to learn, develop and practice new skills as they progress. One example of an activity will be to involve the participants to conduct a mock interview. The programme also offers ‘inspire sessions’, which involve talks delivered by inspirational and motivational people who have achieved success in their professional and personal lives.

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