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Start-Up 101 Workshop Summary

The Selby Community Enterprise Project continued with our 'Start-Up 101' workshop focused on covering the essential steps for launching your business. 

The workshop covered:


  • Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur: thinking of the pros and cons of ‘being your own boss’.

  • Understanding the problem you’re trying to solve? Creating a Business Plan not only clarifies your vision, but it’s also a roadmap for success. 

  • Determining the people you want to work with. 

  • Business Plan Elements: Executive Summary, a company description, market analysis, marketing plan, your management team and financial projections 

For those passionate about bringing an idea to life, this workshop equipped attendees with the foundational knowledge to get started. The session took on board that the startup journey can be full of challenges, that the curated Selby Community Enterprise Project helps to address.


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