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Introduction to Marketing Workshop Summary

Erum from SIRM, presenting her organisation story

In our Marketing workshop, which took place on Thursday 2 May as part of our Selby Enterprise Programme which provides business to business support for start ups and SMEs, session trainer Fran Hyde asked participants ‘What are your marketing challenges?’'


The workshop covered the four Ps -

  • The Product

  • It's Pricing

  • The Place It Is Sold

  • Promoting It  

This workshop helped equip attendees who are passionate about bringing an idea to life with the foundational knowledge to get started. The programme and workshops realises that the startup journey can be full of challenges, which is why we’ve curated the project in such a way. 


We know you can turn your vision into a reality with dedication and the right approach.


If you haven’t yet, sign up to our programme and workshops taking place across spring and summer: 

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