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Innovation for Your Business Workshop round-up

Today's workshop (Friday 26 April) covered the essential steps for innovation in your business, including Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, Radical innovation vs Incremental Innovation.


We asked our attendees what they thought had been the main takeaway from this workshop.

“To approach my business activities with more gusto, I must act like ‘I want to’… and connect my company value/s to my customers.”

Name: Judy

Name of business: JSJ Ventures

Social media handle: @jsjventures


The startup journey can be full of challenges, which is why we’ve curated the Selby Community Enterprise Project. For those passionate about bringing an idea to life, this workshop was able to equip attendees with the foundational knowledge to get started.


The programme continues to help start-ups and SMEs turn a vision into a reality with dedication and the right approach.


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