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Second Selby Community Enterprise Programme Workshop to Focus on Marketing

The Selby Trust will hold the second workshop of its Selby Community Enterprise Programme on December 8th between 10am and 2.30pm, focused on Marketing.

The Selby Community Enterprise Programme is an 18-month, UK Shared Prosperity Fund initiative to build capacity for over 100 local organisations. Through workshops, coaching and mentoring delivered by industry leaders from Kingston University and others, it aims to support SMEs and VCS organisations to become more resilient, to grow, and enhance essential local services.

"Marketing is an ever changing art, and the use of modern tools and techniques can really help small businesses to attract and nurture customer relationships that are crucial for growth" said Behlul Sulimani, Marketing and Engagement Officer for the Selby Trust. "Fran's Marketing workshop follows immediately on from our exciting AI productivity tools workshop”.

In the new year we will commence our formal curriculum and free business development and supplier readiness service"

About Fran Hyde

Fran Hyde is an experienced but always curious ‘social value’ focused marketing educator, who has a interest in marketing practice especially with marketing by not for profit organisations.

Currently a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Suffolk, Fran is interested in marketing practice especially interested in marketing by not for profit organisations, and holds experience additionally as a Deputy Chair & Chair of Corporate Governance and Risk Committee, Chair of the Marketors Education and Knowledge Development Committee and Member of the Education Committee Academy of Marketing.

Fran is active in ensuring marketing makes a positive impact in society.

Complete our Registration of Interest Form for the workshop, taking place on 6 December between 10am and 2.30pm.

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