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Selby Trust Awarded Over £600,000 from UK Shared Prosperity Fund to Support Local Organisations

The Selby Trust, which supports various communities across London, has been awarded a grant from the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund. The funding will enable an expanded 18-month programme to build sustainability and resilience of local organisations.

The Selby Community Enterprise Programme will provide workshops, coaching, mentoring and small grants to at least 100 small charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises and community projects across London. It aims to increase their capacity in key areas like financial management, governance, digital skills, fundraising, bidding for contracts, and stakeholder engagement.

Delivered in partnership with Kingston University and Locality UK, the programme will also enable participating groups to collaborate on community benefit projects. The goal is to help these organisations become more resilient, make a greater impact, and continue providing essential community services.

The Selby Trust supports various communities including through the Selby Centre in Tottenham. They lead the Selby Urban Village neighbourhood renewal project with Haringey Council.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund seeks to build pride in place and increase life chances by investing in communities, local businesses and skills development.

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